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by Crownley

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All tracks written, produced, and performed by Cameron Crowley, except track 4 written by Bradford Cox and Lockett Pundt of Deerhunter. Additional production on track 1 by Nat Wesley.

Cover photograph by Devin Black. Artwork and booklet design by Nat Wesley.

"...bringing you straight into a nice long walk in a big autumn forest or a seat in and empty room deep in thought...deep and moving and perfect for when the leaves turn colors and the nights get cooler." - PRSRPNTS, Expandent Sonus


released April 22, 2013





morning hour records

morning hour records is an independent netlabel founded by nat wesley in 2012 that promotes experimental electronic music from young artists across the world

contact us at morninghourrecords@gmail.com


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Track Name: Angel Paint
Day come when dusking shadows crawl
Evergreen whites and prize
I'll see where it goes from here
Above the Earth
is the pulling of the warm and gentle way
Digging up to the satellites
Crushing down on the filaments
And rowing into the book I read before the age of
The quality enslaved
And a distant brigade that
Rumbles aloud with a mighty push and pull
Reminds me again of batallion words
Trees against the grass and they're saying,
"Oh happiness at last"
Friends behind to pass out waving to me
I rose the emerald kind
of time when a trout embraced
A pooling wist of a gleaming side of bright and gentle wanes
Crawling towards the collected phase
and feeling round for a deadened space
and fumbling around with the keys I gave to all the pages
Dictionally it's a sort of phrase
To keep in mind, form a mindful face
Relating the airs of the skin and bone
To all the people
That a girl can see inside
Her embarking young mind
Colors in line to reflect the tricks
Of all the patients
In a room without a name
And a distant arrangement
Singing a tune that the lock can see become an angel
Angel come in
Track Name: Untitled
You're sad
Cause the rip in your sulfur dress
Caressed itself, playing eyes
And walked to the end of the dock in a bottle of sugar pills
Playing with water
Sounding off
So the moon can see your tightly honest face
You walked
To a breathing facility
For resting, and sound asleep
And your body's shaking
Sleeping through human alarms
Shaking hands with the ghost of winter day's lifeless kill
Fuming insecurity
With a touch of quandary seeking help for contracts
With its contra at side
Sirens showed us the way to the pier
Brushing off from the gentleman's tier
Tearing pieces off my wall
Just to reach the siren's call
And carry oceans everlong
In compliancy
Track Name: Comet Toss
Bless a round of anguish burns
And I'll take all the wine
In a silver field of estrogen whips
And all the echoes of her heart in time
That were chained to the gallant plains of the carbaryl palace
Carressed in a soundwave of satin rose
Breath behave yourself to call her up
Just to bleed magenta inside your thread
Glowing aligns the feathered embrace
To the direct and tired orchids of all our fates
Change is only a comet's toss away
Beside the bedpost clinging to the womb
She's too beside herself to tell me to move
Her colors reflect in a morning hue
Shading the absence in delight and
Drowning to tell the troubles of my mind
My mind
Track Name: Helicopter
Take my hand and pray with me
My final days in company
The devil now has come for me
And helicopters circling the scene
And I pray for rest
Could you pray for us?
We know he loves you the best
We know he loves you the best
The light's inside my cave
I'm tired of my cave
Oh, these drugs, they play on me these terrible ways
They don't pay like they used to pay
I used to make it day to day
No one cares for me
I keep no company
I have minimal needs
And now they are through with me
Now they are through with me