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Comet Toss

by Crownley

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All tracks written, produced, and performed by Cameron Crowley.

"Comet Toss" will be featured on Crownley's upcoming EP "Bedpost."


released April 1, 2013





morning hour records

morning hour records is an independent netlabel founded by nat wesley in 2012 that promotes experimental electronic music from young artists across the world

contact us at morninghourrecords@gmail.com


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Track Name: Comet Toss
Bless a round of anguish burns
And I'll take all the wine
In a silver field of estrogen whips
And all the echoes of her heart in time
That were chained to the gallant plains of the carbaryl palace
Carressed in a soundwave of satin rose
Breath behave yourself to call her up
Just to bleed magenta inside your thread
Glowing aligns the feathered embrace
To the direct and tired orchids of all our fates
Change is only a comet's toss away
Beside the bedpost clinging to the womb
She's too beside herself to tell me to move
Her colors reflect in a morning hue
Shading the absence in delight and
Drowning to tell the troubles of my mind
My mind
Track Name: Daddy Long Legs
Feel like spiders
Breeding comfortably still on
TV sets that just won't go to bed and sleep
Tasteless medicines, stomach filled with brights and all
Could let the legs fall to pieces chiming a bell
But burning water can dream, evaporate till it finds
The several locks that coat your two eyes
Passionately kissed by a lover who knows that
I have done enough to take a long break

Please daddy long legs
Breathe, appendages all caught up in a
Bind with
The doorstep and warming windows
This light
Can break apart the room so we can
Dance like
The actors in your favorite movie
You watched
When you were fleeing to your corner
I hope
That everything's fine
I see you've found a friend
And I see that friend's not I
Cause I'm too scared to
Take a step in your direction